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A Culture of Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our founding and an integral part of our continued success. Opened officially in September at the IPEX Clarkson facility, the new R&D centre is equipped with an array of state of-the-art testing and manufacturing technology to help IPEX maintain its position as North America’s leading manufacturer of integrated piping products. “There’s no question that investing in R&D keeps us at the forefront of the industry,” believes Trevor Johnston, newly named Vice President of Innovation. “We have the expertise to develop specialized thermoplastics and innovative new products that are critical to our customers’ success. By decreasing development time and bringing new products to market faster, we’re giving our customers a tangible competitive advantage.”
The facility was constructed over the past year. Capabilities include a specialized blending lab to prepare formulations, sample fabrication and preparation rooms, physical and chemical testing labs, dedicated injection molding and extrusion equipment, as well as 3D printers for creating prototypes. Researchers are testing for product strength, impact performance, chemical compatibility and thermal behavior, among other characteristics. Our full-time staff of PhD-level scientists, chemical and mechanical engineers, process engineers and technicians combines nearly 250 years of experience; 100 of those years have been spent developing products at IPEX.
“This new facility emphasizes IPEX’s commitment to supply our customers with innovative, value added thermoplastic solutions” says IPEX Chairman and CEO Alex Mestres. “We will continue to invest in market-leading R&D, dedicating more people than ever to developing products our customers need to get projects up and running faster, easier, more dependably and more profitably.”

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