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System 15 and System XFR with MJ Grey Couplings Product Video

System 15 - As an investment, System 15 is a winner. It’s a cost-effective “workhorse” designed for the majority of low-rise and light commercial applications where DWV systems don’t run through air plenums.

In addition to costing less than cast iron, System 15 pipe and fittings are engineered to withstand years of uninterrupted service. Made of tough, impact resistant PVC, System 15 won’t rust, pit, scale or degrade, even under continued exposure to moisture, salts, aggressive soils and most acids. Interior and exterior walls remain smooth, ensuring years of reliable, maintenance-free flow.

As well, System 15 is lightweight and easy to handle, making installation — even in confined or awkward wall spaces — fast and easy. There’s no need to pay for special hoisting equipment or extra manpower. This all converts to significant cost savings over copper and cast iron piping.

System XFR — the world’s first PVC DWV system rated for high buildings and air plenums where tighter Flame Spread and Smoke Development requirements of the Building Code have previously limited the use of thermoplastic.

Suitable for use in noncombustible environments, System XFR’s advanced material meets all fire-resistance and smoke development codes. Its revolutionary fire-retardant properties eliminate flame spread and reduce the volume of smoke generated.

MJ Grey - Certified to CSA B602 and listed to CAN/ULC S102.2 our MJ Grey Mechanical Couplings are available in 8", 10" and 12" configurations for System 15 or System XFR. On large diameter joints, mechanical couplings are a great alternative to solvent welding when working in cold weather conditions or from heights in a scissor lift or bucket.

Relief is also available when you need to make an installation adjustment as our MJ Grey’s can be adjusted in-field as required.

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